10 tips for what to do if you’re being monitored online

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I’m sure that we’ve all heard, of instances where the online activities of several people are monitored. Well if you have, keep reading to find certain solutions to such a situation.

Are You Always Monitored?

Tips for Monitored

Yes, we are. And as much as we may try, our activities online are always, and will always be monitored. It doesn’t matter whether we’re using a VPN or the incognito mode (or private mode for some) of your browser. Fun fact, most browsers save more information on private mode. Maybe they do that because they believe that they need to know what you think is so private or important that you’d need to hide it.

It’s just like a mother, watching her kids as they play around doing mischievous things. Or a guy watching their junior ones as they watch porn in their rooms, thinking they are safe, and that nobody knows what they’re doing. Theirs a kind of comical or funny thing about seeing someone do something, while they think that no one else knows about it and that it’s their secret. There are even some who enjoy watching others as they go about their daily lives.

Then imagine a scenario where such a person creates a browser or VPN, do you believe your data is safe from them?

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Do I Need To Be Monitored?

If your Monitored

No, you don’t need to be constantly monitored. But, hey we’re all humans here, and just as I mentioned above, so people just love looking through your stuff.

Well, there are a couple of reasons why you could be specifically monitored. The reason why I said specifically is that almost every person who connects to the internet has their data saved, but they won’t focus on every one of them, cause it’s impossible to do that in the first place.

There are millions, if not billions of people who surf the internet every day and at the same time. So as much as they want to, they can’t, so they only focus on the significant few. And by significant, I mean those individuals who can change or at least affect society. People like celebrities, politicians, CEO of major industries and businesses, and people who can move a crowd with either their speech, posts, or way of life, are people whose data are specifically monitored.

So unless you’re a suspect under investigation, or already a known criminal, you can just go about your daily routine. Cause even though your info is being saved and monitored, it’s mostly being done by an A. I. (artificial intelligence), so there’s no need to think much about it.

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Tips That You Could Count On?

Tips Monitored

For those who don’t like nosy people who involve themselves in their business, below are some tips that may help. It might not completely prevent your data from being monitored, but it’ll make it more difficult for just anyone to see.

  • Disabling the unnecessaryis what I’d call it but not what most people do. What I mean by this is, that any app that connects to the internet that isn’t necessary, or being used at the time, should be disabled. You can do this through your systems setting – app – then you can force stop the desired app. Note that this won’t uninstall it, will only stop every activity running through the app.
  • Uninstalling the unnecessary; is a must. I’m sure that most people would install apps that they use, maybe once or twice a year, at times. There isn’t anything wrong with that unless such apps depend on the internet to function. And some of them even run in the background without your knowledge.

I’m sure you’ve noticed where the problem lies right? It runs in the background without your knowledge. And if it runs without your knowledge, it can send out your info without your knowledge. So I’m sure you know what to do, uninstall it. But if you’re feeling too sentimental and don’t want to for some reason, at least do yourself a favor and disable it.

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  • Covering your webcam is necessary. If you want to keep your facial ID hidden from hackers and those who want to see your environment. For those who don’t know, it is possible to see someone or their environment, through their laptop’s webcam. You can get a webcam cover on Amazon for around 4 – 9 dollars.
  • Turning on the flight/airplane mode also helps  in such cases. So learn the habit of turning it on whenever you’re using your laptop for standard things, like watching a movie or listening to a song.
  • Don’t rely much on the internet. I know of some people who literally treat the internet as a parent. Like anything and everything goes through it. Like if they have a headache, instead of making an appointment with a doctor like a normal human would, some would google up symptoms of headache, why it happens, and even get to the point of asking for the history of headaches.

Now there’s nothing wrong with acquiring more knowledge, but if you truly want your privacy, then you’d need to learn to rely more on yourself rather than the internet.

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  • Installation of apps ,should not just be a casual thing. Cause some apps are programmed to send the data of their users to their developers. So the next time you decide on installing an app, don’t be lazy to do some research on them.
  • Avoiding random sites is also necessary. Just as some applications are built to send back your data to the developers, websites also do the same. Try not to visit any random websites, let it be known sites that have been around for a while.
  • Separating your accounts a is important. And by account, I mean your Email or Gmail, or any other mail account which is linked to most of your internet accounts. Try not to use the same mail account for everything, create multiple accounts, and decide which type of transactions or sites go to which. It will help in keeping your info safe, in situations where one of your accounts is hacked.
  • Public WiFi is a risky option, for those who wouldn’t want their info to be -leaked out. So try to avoid using one.
  • Using a personal Wi-Fi  is not even an option, rather, it should be your only option. Rather than using public Wi-Fi or your friends, have your own. And try to provide yourself with the internet connection that you need. And please don’t say, it’s my family’s, or my best friend’s Wi-Fi. Or that I trust them, and since I do, there should be nothing wrong with using their Wi-Fi.

You may be right, but are you sure that their network is safe? That someone hasn’t already hacked into their system? And we both know that if the network has been hacked into, then you risk being hacked or monitored.

Try to avoid as much risk as possible, by sticking to the few rules I’ve written. And if you do, you’d stand a better chance of avoiding such situations.

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